MUNCHIE   MORSELS      gift  baskets

O henry's veggie morsels                
Atlas' peanut butter twists
Plumber Dog's cheesey chews
Ms. Lassie's bacon snaps
Schnapps' oatmeal cookies
Sargeant's peanut butter biscuits
Fella's cinnamon chicken treats     
Poochy  Mama's sweet potato delights 
Bigboy's  sesame seed honey bones  
Poochy Mama's Assorted Sampler mix
Skipper's apple ginger crunchies
wheat,& egg free

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WHOLESOME  home style Dog Treats!              

All of our Dog Treats are perfect  for all occasion. They are all wholesome homemade dog Treats, baked with love from all natural quality human-grade ingredients. They contain no colorings, additives, or preservatives.
 I taste one out of every batch, Estevan.  Please keep product refrigerated.

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