you've come this far and now you're asking, "what's it going to cost me?"  
our basic rates are $65 per hour.  we will consult with you at no charge to find out what your specific needs are,  
then provide you an estimate based on the number of hours and complexity required to create your site.
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                                                                Our services include but are not limited to:


Content creation/editing
Bulletin boards
Graphics creation, etc


Online forms Site maintenance
Search engine regist. online credit card payment
digital photography

What if you just want us to re-tool your current website? Not a problem. We'll be happy to 
help you update or otherwise modify your current site. The rate will be based on an estimate
of hours required to complete the site. 
If you'd like a quote for a website, fill out the form below, or call us 

TELL US ABOUT YOUR SITE                                                   

If you're interested in our services, please fill out the questionaire below, or email us.

1) What will be the primary purpose of your page?

 To Advertise My Business  To Put Me On The Web
 To Promote an Event  Other

2) Which of the following services are you interested in?

 Animation  Links
 Buttons/Icons/Theme Sets  Logo Creation
 Content creation/editing  Scanning
 Counter  Search Engine Registration
 Domain Registration  Site Facelift /Consultation
 Forms  Site Installation
 Frames  Site Maintenence (ongoing)
 Graphics Creation  Text Inputting/creation
 ISP Referrals  Other:

3) If the basic content for your site already exists, what format is it in?

 HTML on disk  On a dinner napkin
 Word processor on disk  In my head
 On paper  Other

4) What's your desired turn-around time?

 Less than 1 week  1-2 Months
 1-2 Weeks  Indefinite
 2 to 4 Weeks  Other

5) Do you have a look or theme in mind?

 Yes  No

6) How many pages will your finished site be?

 1-3  11-15
 4-6  16-20
 7-10  More than 20

7) Name:
8) Email Address:
9) Phone:
10a) Street Address:
10b) City/State/Zip
11) Any Comments?