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The design process will take you through four steps.    Each will be completed before moving on to the next step.


                                                Step 1 - Project Programming

The design process begins with a statement of the project's scope,
the activities to be accommodated, and any special requirements
or considerations that will guide the design.


Programming seeks to define the issues and problems the design
process must address and resolve. Generally, programming
operates at two interconnected levels:
a pragmatic level, on which specific requirements are listed
and interrelated, and an aspiration level, which strives to capture
the client's dreams, hopes and desires.
Each level is important and each informs the other.


                                                 Step 2 - Schematic Design

The primary objective of Schematic Design is to arrive at a
clearly defined, feasible concept and to present the information
in a way that facilitates client's understanding and acceptance.


Schematic Design establishes the general scope,
concept and scale of the design, while showing the
relationships among the components of the project.


Typical documentation at the end of this phase may include:

A site plan
Plans for each level
Key sections
Roof plan

                                              Step 3 - Design Development

Design development is the period in which the design itself
achieves the refinement and coordination necessary for it to
become a polished work of architecture. The primary purpose
of design development is to further define and describe all
aspects of the project so that what remains is the final step
of construction drawings.


                                              Step 4 - Construction Documents

Once a design has been developed and approved by you,  the 
drawings and specifications are brought to the level that can  
communicate the requirement for construction of the project.

The construction documents serve multiple purposes:

Typically the construction documents may contain:


                                                   Client Billing

As a courtesy to you the initial meeting is free.


Based on an initial consultation and the program
presented by you, the client, a proposed project 
budget is established as a guideline. 


Residential design fees are on an hourly basis. 
Reimbursable items consist of printing & engineering.
Once the project nears completion an engineer will be
contacted to provide a definite number. Travel and 
site visits are also on an hourly basis unless out
of the Houston area.


In order to take into account our clients needs and
personalities projects are billed on an hourly basis
and at the completion of each phase.
This allows us the flexibility to work with clients that
wants to include a higher degree of detail into the
plans or would like to see a variety or solutions.


An advance payment of $500 is required to start the project.

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