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                        Requirements to be provided by Client for design to begin 
       1)   property survey:
             a detailed survey of the property or site on which you plan to build 
             your home. the survey must include any geological landmarks,
             trees and vegetation to remain or to be removed.
       2)    topographical survey: 
             a topographical survey of the property or site is necessary if there 
             are hills, water features, valleys and or any other unusual terrain
       3)   program:
             a thorough "program" of your individual design needs and desired 
             requirements of your custom home. the "program" is a written list, 
             much like a shopping list,  of the requirements to be included. 
       4)   project budget:
             the program should include any maximum budget and square
             footage requirements. budget and footage requirements can be 
             discussed by telephone or in person,  however both are key 
             factors in determining the scope, the size, and feasibility of your 
             project and of the design. 
       5)   retainer and agreement:
             a signed agreement between the Client and our Firm describing 
             the design process and terms of the process and receipt of a retainer.
       6)   state of mind:
             a very important requirement for the client is to approach their design 
             project with an open mind. You will have a much better solution  
             to your custom design if you approach the process without placing
             limitations on the design process. Often when the Client does not
             place any limitations, the design solutions to your project will be 
             totally amazing.
       7)   measured drawings: 
             when your custom design project is a renovation or addition to an
             existing residence "as built drawings" are required. this entails 
             measuring the existing structure, examination of the structure,
             foundation and mechanicals, locating other existing structures, 
             trees, features, and landscaping. one or more visits to the site are
             necessary to measure, inspect, and produce the as built drawings.
             the requirement usually does not apply when building a new structure 
             unless there are other existing structures to remain on the site. this
             is part of the schematic design phase and fees will be on an hourly
             basis. travel to areas outside of Houston will incur additional expense
             as specified in fees.
     8)     your responsibilities:
             you must determine the available dimensions of your property on which 
             you can legally build. should you need help, please consult with us or 
             your builder or contractor to make the determination. site visits by us 
             are possible should you desire.  see fee structure,  " travel".

t is your responsibility to make sure you are satisfied with the design 
             of your custom designed home or your custom renovation design in the 

schematic design phase and it is your responsibility to determine if the 
             design will work on the area that you can legally build for your site. 
             this includes all set back requirement, utility easements, and any other
             restrictions that might not allow construction. changes desired or made 
             after client approval of the initial design will be additional charges.

plan gallery  custom design  about us  copyrights  design fees  requirements glossary  estimates  about plans design process   

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