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                                           design program is your ideas, your desires, your lifestyle description, and more

this is a very important communication tool between you, the client, and our design firm. the more information 
that is given to us,  the designer of your home,  the  more  likely that we will successfully satisfy your desires, 
and create the best design possible to satisfy you taste, your lifestyle, and your specific needs.


                    generally you should include:

1)  all space requirements including as much detail as possible.
     the more details that you provide about what you would like to see
     included in your home from the initial written program, the better.
     do not think that you are providing too much information.  this is
     all that we have to "know" you and your lifestyle, so it is best to
     make it work for you by supplying as much information as possible..

2)  lifestyle information including number of people and relationships,
     ages, all hobbies of your family, day to day activities, your occupations,
     and other relevant information of how you live, that will assist us in creating
     a design that fits your life. we are not trying to be intrusive, we are  just trying 
     to understand what your lifestyle in order to create an innovative home that
     will completely satisfy all of your needs.

3)  visual information including photographs from publications, sketches,
     etc that will indicate your preferences and likes. these are not essentials,
     but useful, if you do not have a very open mind. we prefer to not be limited
     however and would very strongly suggest that you keep an open mind to the
     entire design process, even if you provide visuals, and not become locked 
     into any one preconceived idea. you will have a much more successful 
     outcome if you can keep an open mind approach to you project.